Windsurf Spot Submission and Link Contest

Running through July 30th , 2011
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What you can win:

Main Prize:
Up to two windsurfing action or instructional DVD's of your choosing.

The First 3 People to Score 3 Points in either one of the categories:
Win a pair of Ocean watersports glasses. Perfect for Windsurfers!

All who score twice in either contest category (see How to Score) :
Win a Fanatic Addicted to Ride 2011 action DVD.
How to Score

Main Prize DVD Choices:

How to Score

You MUST be a registered windsurfquest user and enter the contest before you can score and any of the following applies.

Most Submissions Contest: All you have to do to score is submit a windsurfing launch site (windsurf spot) on the windsurf spot maps that has not already been submitted. Each new submission is a point.

Most Links Contest: Every time you post a link on the internet back to any windsurfing location on - whether it be a single windsurfing launch site or an entire area of the map, you may report your link and score.

This is a great way to show your friends your favorite sailing spots, let everyone know about new spots, and indicate where you will be sailing.

You can win a windsurfing DVD for submitting the most new locations, OR you can win a windsurfing DVD for having the most links back (back links) to windsurfquest windsurf spots. You may also win for BOTH and get TWO DVD's, IF you are up to it!
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